Looking for a MVC Sample for WinForms

Can you point me to a good real-world WinForms MVC application/framework?

I understand the Model part - that's your data, and I know the forms are the views, but what's the controller? Especially if I want to use data binding.

Check out StoryTeller source code.

It's a work in progress, but should give you plenty of ideas/sample uses:

And yes, I am still actively developing it, it just got shelved for other projects. I'm using it for acceptance testing in my new job and I'll release after the (many, many) kinks and annoyances are ironed out. Ah, the joys of dogfooding.

I believe Jeremy is writing a book on WinForms development as well.

Check out http://www.asp.net/mvc/ - there are some links to webcasts that Scott Hanselman has been doing.

He also has some interesting stuff regularly on his blog and podcast - see http://www.hanselman.com